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Steve Bates - Clackamas County Commissioner
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Celebrating the Leadership of STEVE BATES;
  • The Boring Community named him 2013 Citizen of the Year

    With The Leadership of STEVE BATES;
  • Boring successfully withdrew from Tri-Met and ended the waste of tax dollars and empty buses. This is saving local Boring businesses over $600,000 per year.

  • Boring stood up for the property rights of its citizens and caused the withdrawal and subsequent dissolution of the Highway 26 Greenway Corridor Agreement between City of Sandy, Clackamas County and Metro.

  • The people of Boring convinced ODOT to withdraw from a plan to limit access to Highway 26 for many Boring residents. These Boring residents have full access to Highway 26 today!

  • And with the help of our state legislators, Governor Kitzhaber signed into law House Bill 2352 which designates August 9th every year to be Boring & Dull Day. Boring has its own holiday!

  • Boring is renowned worldwide for its relationship with Dull, Scotland. Front page news of the Wall Street Journal on August 9, 2013.

  • The Boring, Oregon Foundation was created. As a founding director and secretary, the fund for a building and operation of a multi-generational community center for the greater Boring area exists.

  • The Boring Community successfully requested and received entry signs on Highway 212.

  • The Boring Community has requested that Clackamas County and ODOT review and change speed limits in various Boring neighborhoods.

  • The Boring Community is enjoying the benefits of the Boring & Dull Campaign which is improving Community Spirit, increasing economic activity while attracting the attention of local, state and federal government officials and people from around the world.

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